Professional antique instruments personally selected from £1,500.

Beginners & advancing students are also catered for with violin, viola and cello outfits starting from £180.

  • A selection of quality antique French & German bows.
  • Contemporary English made bows.
  • Wittner Fine tune pegs fitted.

Latest stock list:

Violin by one of a dynasty of fine makers, Corbinian Hornsteiner, a truly fine example in excellent condition.                                                                                       £8,500

Viola by Sebastian Rauch 1777   just shy of 16”, beautiful  and sonorous        £7,500

Violin by award winning Christopher Rowe 1992.   Authentic light antiquing, beautifully warm varnish.  Exquisite and powerful tone.                                                    £5,900.

Violin by Lionel Karl Hepplewhite 1988. Excellent work by this regarded contemporary maker. Beautifully clear and powerful tone.                                              £5,600

Beautiful English violin mid 1860’s Warm and full tone.                                                     £4,800

Violin attributed to Francois Caussan, full of character and wonderful sound.    £4,800

Violin,  Nuener & Hornsteiner, lovely condition                                                                       £3,900

Violin by William Glenister, London 1899. Beautiful warm ‘Italiante’ varnish over choice tonewood.                                                                                                                        £4,200

Dresden workshop violin circa 1900. Excellent work with lovely tonewood.          £1,700

Several antique ‘workshop’ violins from £800-£1,500.