Beginners & advancing students are also catered for with violin, viola and cello outfits from    £185


Paul Bailly, Considered to be amongst the best of the pupils of J.B. Vuillaume.

The violin demonstrates the incredibly skilled workmanship for which Bailly is known.


Tyrolean     violin circa 1780.  Full arching’s and character, big and sweet tone. Beautiful golden amber varnish with lovely patina.


Walter Mayson,  Manchester 1881. A lovely example of this prolific maker. Golden amber oil varnish in excellent condition.


John Masters, Lovely example of English work. Dartford 1887. Beautifully warm ‘Italiante’ varnish over a golden ground of choice tonewood. Big, warm and sonorous


Mittenwald.   Deep rich dark varnish, full arching, Earthy and rich.


Hawkes French.  Excellent craftsmanship typical of the high quality Mirecourt workshops.


Mirecourt.  Another fine example of French work. Lovely condition.


German Workshop, excellent work, bold sound.


Welsh School. Very well made violin from the Abertridwr school of violinmaking.


Hungarian, antique finish. Great sound.


German Workshop, advancing student


Various Excellent quality Chinese workshop violins




William Luff   16  1/2”    1971.  Beautiful work by this important & influential maker. Oil varnish of medium golden brown.


French Workshop 15.2”  Lovely work, excellent advancing instrument.

£2950        SOLD

Lionel Karl Hepplewhite    16”  1987. Excellent work by this regarded contemporary maker. Beautifully clear and powerful tone. Immaculate condition.


William Piper 2014,     15 1/2 ”  Collin-Mezin model.  Beautifully figured tone wood.   Excellent condition.


Nicolaus Bernhardt,  Saxony circa 1900    15 1/2”

Delightful German viola, lovely figured tonewood.


Chinese workshop  16”15  1/2” 

£800  & £950

Silver Mounted Viola stamped Ubel.



Beautiful English cello circa 1850. Currently being used professionally, lovely condition.

£15,000                  SOLD

Andre Vigneron  Beautiful Cello Bow.  Silver mounted.

£11,500                 SOLD