Northern Italian Cello likely Milan circa 1695-1715
Cherished and professionally played until recent retirement. A beautiful  cello such as this is rarely available for sale.

The sound projects easily and effectively both in orchestral, solo and chamber music scenarios, effortlessly producing a warm sweet sound with great depth.
It’s C string in particular is full, clear and wonderfully resonant, making it ideal for those operatic lower register legato accompaniments and adding great warmth to bass lines in quartet playing.
It responds very well to good bowing with many colours, loud and soft.
The owner feels privileged having the pleasure to have owned and played this fine old instrument.

The cello is accompanied with a recent certificate of authenticity from John Dilworth.

There is also paperwork from a previous owners purchase from Vatelot Paris in 1941

£78,000   SOLD



French bow by VICTOR THOMASSIN  circa 1900.  Beautiful and simply understated with silver mounts. Son of Nicolas François Joseph Thomassin, Victor took up an apprenticeship  in Mirecourt. Worked in Paris and around 1900 he left for London, where he worked for various firms, producing English-styled bows branded ‘T. Victor’.



John Stagg siver mounted.  £2,000 violin SOLD

John Clutterbuck several silver silver mounted Violin £2,200

German workshops several at £400-500 violin

Hills silver mounted  £3,500 Cello

Ubel  Silver Mounted £1200 Viola

Pfretzschner  £4,000 viola



Christopher Rowe 2000.  One of his much sought after earlier pieces. Strad model with excellent amber varnish and clean finish.  It’s very powerful without losing any subtle sweet tones and colour.


Paul Bailly, Considered to be among the best of the pupils of J.B. Vuillaume.

The violin demonstrates the incredibly skilled workmanship for which Bailly is known.

£16,000   SOLD

Tyrolean     violin circa 1780.  Full arching’s and character, big and sweet tone. Beautiful golden amber varnish with lovely patina.


Heinrich Theodore Jr    The most famous member of the Heberlein family and one of the best Markneukirchen makers of his era.

£6,800  SOLD

Marcin Krupa Poznan  2012   Beautiful violin by this renowned Polish maker.  After Guarneri, authentic antiquing and rich, warm varnish. Exquisite and powerful tone.

£8,500  SOLD

Walter Mayson,  Manchester 1881. A lovely example of this prolific maker. Golden amber oil varnish in excellent condition.


Mittenwald.   Deep rich dark varnish, full arching, Earthy and rich.


Marc Laberte workshop Mirecourt.  Another fine example of French work. Beautiful one- piece back.


Thiery Mirecourt workshop.


Welsh School. Very well made violin from the Abertridwr school of violinmaking.


Hungarian, antique finish. Great sound.


German Workshop, advancing student

£650 – £950 & £1300

Various Excellent quality Chinese workshop violins




E.R. Voigt   16″   London 1973. Beautiful and rich golden amber varnish. Excellent condition.


Neuner  St Petersburg 15 3/4


William Luff   16  1/4”    1971.  Beautiful work by this important & influential maker. Oil varnish of medium golden brown.

£9,500       SOLD

Lionel Karl Hepplewhite    16”  1987. Excellent work by this regarded contemporary maker. Beautifully clear and powerful tone. Immaculate condition.



Beautiful English cello circa 1850. Currently being used professionally, lovely condition.

£15,000                  SOLD

Andre Vigneron  Beautiful Cello Bow.  Silver mounted.

£11,500                 SOLD